Thanks for coming to

Fall on the Mall 2019! 

1140 were present for lots of free fun & food.  Y'all are loved by Hope Church!  Come give Hope a try, Sundays @ 10 am

(@ 94 Pleasant St. in Brunswick, ME).

For our m&m guessing jar, congrats to our winners:

1st  Laurie Mullet     ($30 Starbucks Gift Card)

2nd Kate Merryman     ($30 Domino's Gift Card)

3rd Julie McAvoy     ($15 Domino's Gift Card)

4th Natasha Hathaway     ($15 Domino's Gift Card)

5th Joy Gould     ($15 Domino's Gift Card)

6th Mike Cota     ($15 Domino's Gift Card)

7th Caitlin Prindall     ($10 Subway Gift Card)

8th Katie West     ($10 Subway Gift Card)

9th Whitney Kilton     ($10 Subway Gift Card)

10th Faye Larrabee     ($10 Subway Gift Card)

11th Sarah Jacobs     ($10 Subway Gift Card)


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